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136 pages

A Psimple Psaltery

Creator: Eric Meier | 2009-01-01

As with any instrument, the bowed psaltery can be as simple or extravagant as you want to make it. In this book, a plan is pre-sented for a simple psaltery.

About this book
What's not to like about the bowed psaltery? They have the most wonderful ringing sound of nearly any musical instrument heard, with a haunting sustain that makes the music seemingly float in midair and tingle in your ears. They are easy to play, (featuring a range of two octaves, and no fingering positions to learn), and in their most basic form are fairly simple to build.As with any instrument, the bowed psaltery can be as simple or extravagant as you want to make it. In this book, a plan is pre-sented for a simple psaltery. By changing the layout and shape to a basic triangle, and eliminating some of the more intricate steps--along with giving in-depth and thorough directions--building a bowed psaltery is available for just about everyone.Everything you need to know in order to build a bowed psaltery can be found in this book. All that is needed are basic wood-working tools, a few small specialty items available online, and a persistent passion for making music.

181 pages

Musical Instrument Design, Practical Information for Instrument Making

Creator: Bart Hopkin | 1996-01-01

Some have even put the cylinder on a rotating bearing. Figure 9-17 shows another approach that allows a player to selectively bow individual strings on a many-stringed zither. Instruments of this sort, commonly called bowed psalteries, have ...

Publisher: See Sharp Press

About this book
This is an encyclopedic, large-format book containing hundreds of illustrations. While not geared toward making conventional instruments, Musical Instrument Design provides all the information that anyone (amateur or professional) should ever need to construct an amazingly wide variety of percussion, string, and wind instruments. Includes many designs along with parts lists and detailed construction instructions.

56 pages

Shall We Gather, Hymns Arranged for Hammered Dulcimer

Creator: Madeline MacNeil | Music - 1999-03-05

This collection of music conveys Madeline's love of hymns.

About this book
This collection of music conveys Madeline's love of hymns. Many of these arrangements provide a harmony part that may be performed on another instrument such as the flute, guitar, bowed psaltery, or mountain dulcimer. The majority of these tunes can be played on a 12/11-course hammered dulcimer (with G below middle C being the lowest note on the instrument). Selections include: A Mighty Fortress Is Our God; All Beautiful the March of Days; Amazing Grace; Be Thou My Vision; Come, Thou Font of Every Blessing; Evening Hymns; For the Beauty of the Earth; He Leadeth Me; Here I Am, Lord; How Great Thou Art; and many more. Written in standard notation only with complete lyrics and suggested chord changes.

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Bowed Psaltery, Dulcimers and Folk Music, Unicorn Strings
Bowed psalteries, dulcimers, harps, bodhrans and accessories. Includes FAQs, psaltery information, and company profile.

Bowed Psaltery - YouTube
See, hear, and learn about the Bowed Psaltery by Musicmakers. More info at

Bowed Psaltery - Mountain Made Music
The bowed psaltery is made of various woods, either walnut, maple, poplar, mahogany or cherry. Different woods are used to make this unique instrument.

Psaltery Strings - the all bowed psaltery network
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Bowed Psaltery--Westman Instruments--Everthing Bowed Psaltery
Husband & Wife team has a Bowed Psaltery for sale. From 9N(notes) to 37N(notes), Free Sheet Music every Month... New Road Scholar/Elderhostel Psaltery Lesson/Classes ...


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    Psaltery, Soprano, Right-Handed

    Musical Instruments (Roosebeck)

    Rating (2 reviews):

    Great for a beginner

    0 5/5 Amazon Customer (York PA) - See all my reviews Verified Purchase(What's this?) This is a wonderful little instrument for a beginning intro to playing. It has a limited octave range, but works just great to learn simple songs on. I am not a musically inclined person, but enjoy learning new things. Although some music background is helpful, you can learn to play this without. I did buy an introductory book, and there was a chart that came with the instrument to help with locating the notes. All and all it was a relatively inexpensive way to be introduced to playing a string instrument. 0 Help other customers find the most helpful reviews  Was this review helpful to you? , January 7, 2013

    Good fun for the money.

    0 4/5 Jane Pitchford - See all my reviews Verified Purchase(What's this?) I really enjoy the instrument. It's fun and easy to learn. I do wish it stayed in tune better, but other than that it's great fun. 0 Help other customers find the most helpful reviews  Was this review helpful to you? , December 29, 2013
    List Price: $169.90
    Price: $135.92
    You Save: $33.98 (20%)

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    Zither Heaven Children's 20 String Maple Bowed Psaltery

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    Early Music for the Bowed Psaltery

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    Bowed Psaltery Carrying Bag, Black Nylon, Embroidered With Folkcraft Logo

    Musical Instruments (Folkcraft Case And Sewing)
    List Price: $48.00


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This funny bowed psaltery design features the text that says "yesterday i couldn't spell psaltery, today I play one".
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CAUTION; BOWED PSALTERY PLAYER ON BOARD-BUMPER STICKER-ADD YOUR OWN BACKGROUND COLOR- Description The conventional bowed psaltery is triangular in shape, allowing each string to extend a little farther than the one before it, so that each can be individually bowed. Chromatic bowed psalteries have the sharps and flats on one side and the diatonic notes on the opposite. It is a psaltery in the traditional sense of a wooden soundbox with unstopped strings over the soundboard. It significantly differs from the Mediæval plucked psaltery only in that its strings are arranged to permit bowing. The soundboard has a soundhole or rose in the center. It is normally played with a small bow, often made in the earlier semicircular style, rather than a modern concave violin bow. Method of playing Performance styles vary, but the instrument may be played either one note at a time, with the instrument held with one hand and bowed with the other, as in instruments of the violin family, or it may be laid down and played with a bow in each hand, in a style reminiscent of the closely related hammered dulcimer. Some players will also hold two bows in one hand to facilitate double-stopping. Besides bowing, the instrument may also be strummed or struck for additional tone colors. The strings are often too closely spaced for conventional finger picking, but may be plucked at the bowing end. READ NEHEMIAH 12:27 ..
Price: $$4.70