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Violin, fiddle. Gzigrnbogm—violin bow. Grigmsuile-violin string'. Grstossuz (Gen). Detached or staccato bowing. Gig“: (Fr). Giga (IL). jig ... Fine old German Violin Old Italian violin (big mellow tone)... Old English Violin ... Genuine Richard Duke, in original condition, with handsome walnut case and old Bow. £10 the lot, or ...

136 pages

Under the Sign of the Big Fiddle, The R.S. Williams Family, Manufacturers and Collectors of Musical Instruments

Creator: Ladislav Cselenyi-Granch | Music - 1996-10-15

Some of the instruments are introduced simply as "Old English Violins" of unknown masters; some of them have the important ... viol made by Johann Joseph Elsler in 1746.153 The musical objects were such things as an old Italian violin case from about 1700 (also given to the Museum). ... The instrument described as a German Cither has been identified as a Waldzither of the late eighteenth century.

Publisher: Dundurn

About this book
Musical-instrument manufacturing was one of the few areas in which Canada was able to compete with the United States and England in the 19th and early 20th centuries. This book describes one of the leading firms in the music industry in Canada at that time. The Toronto business that was conducted under the sign of the "Big Fiddle" added significantly to the spread of music in the city of Toronto and far beyond. The founder of this family business was Richard Sudgen Williams. With his son, R.S. Williams Jr., he is also responsible for amassing what is perhaps the earliest collection of musical instruments in Canada, and what is certainly one of the largest. Of great documentary significance and value to this book are the catalogues published by the R.S. Williams firm that the author consulted during his extensive research. Of the ten catalogues cited, three can be found as part of the R.S. Williams Collection in the Royal Ontario Museum. The rest reside in the National Library of Canada and in the personal collection of Michael Remenyi in Toronto.

The Etude

Music - 1913

These and similar questions seem to be of the greatest interest to the public, since nearly everybody has an old fiddle tucked away in the ... In the great majority of cases, of course, almost any violin maker of respectable attainments can assure the owner of the violin that his ... \Vhen a boy of sixteen I had the good fortune to purchase. for a small sum. a very fine toned old violin. from a German student who ...

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