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Who's who in New York City and State

Creator: John William Leonard, William Frederick Mohr, Frank R. Holmes, Herman Warren Knox, 0infield Scott Downs | New York (N.Y.) - 1907

Reading, Pa., May 10, 1864 ... Address: 306 High St., Lockport, N. Y. HOPF, Max G.t Banking: b. Brelau ... Recreation: Music; violin and 'cello player: has made comprehensive studies in counter-point and fugue; has written many songs, much ...

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Containing authentic biographies of New Yorkers who are leaders and representatives in various departments of worthy human achievement including sketches of every army and navy officer born in or appointed from New York and now serving, of all the congressmen from the state, all state senators and judges, and all ambassadors, ministers and consuls appointed from New York.


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1850 (W. E. Hill & Sons, May 23, 1958) 3710/4638 4489 Hopf Family (member of) [P01/62] Violin: Klmgenthal, c. 1800 686/980 NS Horenstainer, Joseph ... Paris 1864, lot number 14 at Sotheby's auction on March 14. 1991, sold for $73, 458.

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The Lowland. see Albert, Eugen d', 1864-1932. ... Starring Gré Brouwenstijn, Paul Schöffler, Hans Hopf, Oskar Czerwenka, Waldemar Kmentt, and Eberhard Wächter; Vienna State Opera ... Concertos (Violin with string orchestra) - Scores.

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1 Cabanilles, Juan Bautista (1644–1712) 2 Caccini, Giulio (1551–1618) 3 Caetani, Roffredo (1871–1961) 4 Caldara, Antonio (1670–1736) 5 Call, Leonhard von ...

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Finding Aid to The Albert Einstein Archives
This collection contains the personal papers of Albert Einstein (1879-1955) and supplementary material collected at the Albert Einstein Archives.

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Atelier de lutherie à Crémone Secteur d'activité Domaine culturel Codes ROME (France) B1501 - Fabrication et réparation d'instruments de musique modifier ...


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