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392 pages

Banjo Lessons

Creator: Jack B. Hood | 2004-11-30

Sam picked up his electronic tuner and made sure Steven's used, open back Kay banjo was in tune with his Gibson Mastertone. Sam had found the old Kay banjo for Steven in a pawnshop in Bessemer. It cost $15.00 to buy and another $45.00 ...

Publisher: Jack Hood

About this book
Sam Stone, an Assistant U.S. Attorney in Birmingham, Alabama, gives banjo lessons to a promising Gates scholar as Sam undergoes a bitter divorce with his second wife and boss, Linda Lott. Meanwhile, Sam's ex-wife, Regina Jones Oliveira, a direct descendant of the former Confederate families from Americana, Brazil, wants Sam back and launches an international plan of action to get what she wants. The story carries the reader on a legal expedition to the former Panama Canal Zone, modern Panama, the Cayman Islands, and Switzerland. Against this background, Sam and his talented Labrador retriever, Holmes, take on some very clever Vietnam era veterans with foreign accounts and rich real estate holdings. These crooks hold a huge advantage because they have a federal judge on their side.


Music - 1989

... Records 17 MCA Records 3 Toni Kay Music 56 RETAIURV MAIL ORDCR Carvin ( catalog) 46 Elderly 24 Fiddlepicker 23 Mandolin Bros 23 ... Rush orders, send $3 00 Banjo Newsletter, the 5-stnng banjo monthly magazine. Clearing house of banjo ...

272 pages

Guitar stories

Creator: Michael Wright | Music - 2000-10-01

Karz rectuired "Mr. Banjo" Jose Silva to put his name to a redesigned line called the Jose Silva Banjo line. Silva was brought to the NAMM show in 1956 to demonstrate and promote Kay's new banjos, which featured a new exclusive device ...

Publisher: Vintage Guitar Magazine

About this book
Author Michael Wright builds on the success of his Guitar Stories, Volume One in this series of histories of cool guitars. Volume Two continues Wright's incredible research and painstaking attention to detail, covering brands that had a heavy impact in the world of the guitar, including companies such as Kay, Alamo, Veleno, Martin Electrics, Maccaferri, and Guild Solidbodies. As with Volume One, over 800 rare and fascinating photos (including sumptuous full-color spreads) help to tell the tale of these innovative instruments. Includes a helpful index. Also available: Guitar Stories, Volume One 00330018 $29.95.

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Old Kay Banjo - Eagle - Discussion Forums - Banjo Hangout
Greetings from Scotland! I am totally new to the banjo though have been playing guitar for many years. I have been given an old Kay banjo to practice on and see if I ...

Kay - Banjo brands
Banjo brands is a free webspace, listing a collection of 3954 banjos. You can use it to find photos, description or the price of a banjo. You can also sell or buy banjos.

Golden Liberty Banjo - Kay Guitar Company
Golden Liberty Banjo * Model KBJ100 * Kay Deluxe 5 String Banjo * Rosewood Fingerboard * Mother of Pearl Inlays * Nickel-Silver Frets * 30 Gold Plated Brackets

Open Back 5 String Banjo - Kay Guitar Company
banjos by The Kay Guitar Company. ... Open Back Banjo * Model KBJ08 * Open Back Design * Rosewood Fingerboard * Pearloid Machines

Banjo virtuoso John Reynolds "Chinatown" with Brad Kay, Sweet & Hot L.A. 2010 Banjoist extraordinaire, John Reynolds joins Brad Kay's Lobby Jam at the 2010 Sweet & Hot Jazz at the L.A.X. Marriott.


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