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392 pages

Banjo Lessons

Creator: Jack B. Hood | Fiction - 2004-11-01

The common comment among banjo players is that they know a little music but not enough to hurt their playing. ... Sam picked up his electronic tuner and made sure Steven's used, open back Kay banjo was in tune with his Gibson Mastertone .

Publisher: Jack Hood

About this book
Sam Stone, an Assistant U.S. Attorney in Birmingham, Alabama, gives banjo lessons to a promising Gates scholar as Sam undergoes a bitter divorce with his second wife and boss, Linda Lott. Meanwhile, Sam's ex-wife, Regina Jones Oliveira, a direct descendant of the former Confederate families from Americana, Brazil, wants Sam back and launches an international plan of action to get what she wants. The story carries the reader on a legal expedition to the former Panama Canal Zone, modern Panama, the Cayman Islands, and Switzerland. Against this background, Sam and his talented Labrador retriever, Holmes, take on some very clever Vietnam era veterans with foreign accounts and rich real estate holdings. These crooks hold a huge advantage because they have a federal judge on their side.

69 pages

How to Set Up the Best Sounding Banjo

Music - 1998-09

OVERVIEW: A HISTORY OF THE BANJO Portable balladeer instruments have roots back to the days of the Crusaders ... And, one cannot forget the thousands of plastic-bodied Kay and Harmony banjos that helped fuel the fire — both literally ...

Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation

About this book
(Book). This renowned author walks banjo players through masterful techniques to maximize the performance of their instrument. Step-by-step instructions cover: tone chamber fit, tailpiece angle, bridge selection, neck angle and heel fit, head adjustments, air chamber tap-tuning and resonator adjustments, string gauge selection, head selection, and much more. Each chapter provides a detailed background and analysis of the parts to be adjusted and explores the differences between archtop, flattop, tube-and-plate, and one-piece flange banjos. More than 100 photos, illustrations and charts make this technical guide easy to follow. To round out this already unique text, amplifications tips are provided by legendary banjo player extraordinaire Earl Scruggs, considered the father of bluegrass music. 80 pages, 9 x 12

From the Ashes: The Corvus Chronicles

Creator: Gregory Coley | Fiction - 2016-03-22

Gabriel didn't think he would ever see Banjo again, he didn't know how he got to his sister and brother in law's house and he didn't care at this point. “'kay Banjo, that's enough buddy I gotta get up,” laughed Gabriel, as he gently pushed the ...


About this book
A year ago Gabriel and Pandora were locked away and forgotten by the world. Now, while Pandora wrestles with the reality that her old life is gone, Gabriel is desperate to find a way out. After undergoing torturous experiments an old friend returns to bring them back to the world of the living. Then, in a race against the clock and with their lives up for grabs, Gabriel and Pandora raise the stakes in the belly of the beast. As the chronicles races onward, they put everything on the line as the inferno heats up. Who will perish in the flames of Project Phoenix and who will survive to rise from the ashes?

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The banjolele (brand name; sometimes banjo ukulele or banjo uke) is a four-stringed musical instrument with a small banjo-type body and a fretted ukulele neck.

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Editor's picks

  • Kay Guitar Company

    Kay KBJ100 30-Bracket Deluxe "Golden Liberty" 5 String Banjo

    Musical Instruments (Kay Guitar Company)
    List Price: $699.00

    30 Gold Brackets
    Planetary Machine Heads
    Gold Armrest
    Gold geared 5th peg
    Mother of Pearl inlays

  • Kay Guitar Company

    Kay KBJ24G Bluegrass Banjo Deluxe 24-Bracket Geared 5th String Peg

    Musical Instruments (Kay Guitar Company)
    List Price: $449.99

    5 String Bluegrass Banjo with Pearloid Split Diamond Inlays
    Mahogany Neck and Mahogany Wood Resonator
    Chrome Plated Armrest
    24 Brackets
    Chrome Plated Geared 5th Tuner

  • Kay

    Kay KBJ40 W/C Tenor 4 String Irish Rose Banjo with Hardshell Wood Case

    Musical Instruments (Kay)
    List Price: $484.43

    High Gloss Mahogany Wood Resonator
    Chrome Armrest
    FREE Bonus! $25 Value Banjo Strap, Pitch Pipe and String Winder
    Fleur-de-Lis Fingerboard inlays on Rosewood Fingerboard
    4 String Tenor Banjo with 24 Brackets with $150 Wood Case

  • Kay Guitar Company

    Kay KBJ10A 5 String "Riverboat" Banjo, 18-Bracket with Resonator

    Musical Instruments (Kay Guitar Company)
    List Price: $479.95
    Price: $349.99
    You Save: $129.96 (27%)

    Rosewood Fingerboard with Pearloid Position Marker Inlays
    Covered Pearloid Machine Heads with Standard Tension 5th Peg
    Kay KBJ10 "Riverboat" 5 String Banjo, Refurbished
    Satin Finished Mahogany Resonator and Shell
    18 Chrome Plated Brackets

  • Kay Guitar Company

    Kay KBJ40 Tenor Banjo "Irish Rose" 4 String Banjo with Tuner and Strap!

    Musical Instruments (Kay Guitar Company)

    High Gloss Mahogany Wood Resonator
    Free Bonus! $20 Value Banjo Strap, Electronic Pitch Pipe and String Winder
    Chrome Armrest-Rosewood Fingerboard
    Fleur-de-Lis Fingerboard inlays
    24 Bracket 4 String Tenor Banjo

  • Kay Guitar Company

    Kay KBJ24 "Bluegrass" Deluxe 24-Bracket 5 String Banjo

    Musical Instruments (Kay Guitar Company)

    Chrome Plated Armrest
    Mahogany Neck and Mahogany Wood Resonator
    5 String "Bluegrass" Banjo with Pearloid Dot Fingerboard Inlays
    Chrome Plated Standard Tension 5th Tuner
    24 Chrome Brackets

  • Kay KBJ85 "American Spirit" 30 Bracket Banjo

    Musical Instruments
    List Price: $699.95
    Price: $499.99
    You Save: $199.96 (29%)

    "American Eagle" Motif on inner shell
    Planetary Tuners, Geared 5th
    Maple Resonator and Neck
    Split Diamond Fret Inlays
    30 Bracket Aluminum Shell

  • Kay Guitar Company

    Kay KBJ60 "Minstral" 6 String Banjo. "Plays Like a Guitar!"

    Musical Instruments (Kay Guitar Company)
    List Price: $399.99

    Remo® WeatherKing Coated Banjo Head, Chrome Armrest
    24 Chrome Plated Brackets, Aluminum Tension Ring
    Mahogany Resonator and Shell, Hi Gloss Finish
    6 String Banjo... Plays Like a Guitar!
    Rosewood Fingerboard with 19 Frets

  • Kay Guitar Company

    Performance Plus BAR30 30 Bracket Nickel Armrest

    Musical Instruments (Kay Guitar Company)
    List Price: $19.99

    Perfect for the restoration of vintage model banjos
    Includes mounting bolt and retainer
    BAR30 Armrest, fits Kay, Gold Tone and Most Standard 30 Bracket Banjo Rims
    Polished to a mirror finish
    Suitable for the bracket with two apart rim hooks

  • Gold Tone Musical Instruments

    Gold Tone AC-1 Composite Openback Banjo

    Musical Instruments (Gold Tone Musical Instruments)
    List Price: $215.30
    Price: $212.86
    You Save: $2.44 (1%)

    Composite Rim Open back
    Zero-Glide Nut System
    Includes Gig Bag
    Gold Tone 12-Point Set-up

Vintage (Pre-1980)