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Stringed instruments - 1989

Born in 1932, Arkansas native Cash embarked on a music career in 1954, in Memphis, Tennessee. ... It was 37 years ago that Johnny Cash first laid hands on the instrument that would ultimately become the primary tool of his trade— the 6 string acoustic guitar. ... Her autoharp is a vintage Oscar Schmidt instrument.

The Old-time Herald, A Magazine Dedicated to Old-time Music

Folk music - 2003

Using mostly vintage string-band instruments, Ann (lead vocals) and Phil (tenor harmony) warmly recreate the sound of authentic old-time country on material ... Country Music Today by Ann & Phil Case Songs include: I Heard the Thunder RoanngThe Poor Orphan Child, Golden River, First One to Love You, ... In autoharp circles, he's playing a "traditional" autoharp when he plays an old Oscar Schmidt.

160 pages

History of the American Guitar, 1833 to the Present Day

Creator: Tony Bacon | Music - 2012-03-01

The book presents every important episode in the story of the American luthier's art and is an unparalleled resource for every musician, collector, and music fan.

Publisher: Backbeat Books

About this book
(Book). First published in 2001 and now updated and expanded, History of the American Guitar begins in New York City in the 1830s with the arrival of Christian Martin, from Germany, to set up the Martin company. From that historic moment, the book takes readers on a fascinating and comprehensive visual tour of U.S. guitar history. Over 75 brand names are represented, with more than 300 guitars photographed in stunning detail, including Bigsby, Danelectro, D'Angelico, D'Aquisto, Ditson, Dobro, Dyer, Epiphone, Fender, Gibson, Gretsch, James Trussart, Kay, Maccaferri, Martin, Micro-Frets, Mosrite, Oahu, Ovation, Regal, Rickenbacker, Stella, Stromberg, Suhr, Taylor, Vega, Washburn, Wilkanowski, and many more. The interrelated stories of the guitar, mandolin, and banjo are mixed seamlessly with the history of the diverse American music that grew and prospered with these instruments, from country to blues, from jazz to rock. The bulk of the instruments illustrated were part of the celebrated collection of Scott Chinery, photographed before Chinery's untimely death and the subsequent break-up of his unique collection. The book presents every important episode in the story of the American luthier's art and is an unparalleled resource for every musician, collector, and music fan.

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