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Aug 10, 2009 by The Smart Guy | Posted in Country

price of an older banjo?

my uncle gave to me when i was 1 year old a banjo, im not a very musical person and ive barely even looked at it, but i have no use for it and was planning to sell it. the brand name is cortez, and a sticker on it sayes "Made in Korea" but the lower part is stamped with a made in USA logo ( the drum? ), so im a bit confused. the logo sayes "Remo weather king banjo head only, Made in the USA" the banjo is made of a dark wood, and on the back there is what appears to be an american eagle with somesort of flag any info would be good, also it is 18 years ago now that my uncle purchased it.

the banjo is Korean it was an inexpensive beginner's model, 18 years old, does not make it vintage the "head" was replaced at one time, with an "American made" Remo head if it's a 5 string, everything is there, the neck is straight, etc it's probably worth $60-100 can't tell you anymore, without seeing it

byrde94 | Aug 10, 2009
Nightflyer | Aug 10, 2009
There should be a model number besides the name Cortez. You could check ebay and see what that model has been selling for. There are also some online music stores you could contact. Elderly Instruments might give you a rough estimate.

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