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The revenue of the patriarch, who resides in Constantinople, is made up in a considerable degree of the property of archbishops and bishops dying childless. ... treatise on inscriptions and medals, gives an antique of Orpheus playing with a bow on an instrument resembling the violin, but which was called the lyre. ... His signature was' Antonius Stradivarius, Cremonensis, faciebat Anno. ... Stainer, a German, a native of Tyrol ; his violins are distinguished by their piercing and full tone.

256 pages

Real or Fake, Studies in Authentication

Creator: Joe Nickell | Law - 2009-07-17

“Apparently,” according to Yeager (1995), Brecht “was not aware that the label was even in the violin, because when I showed ... All but four letters (the An of “ Antonius,” the second a of “Stradivarius,” and the first a of “faciebat”), he concluded, ... Miller said that most such violins had been made in the nineteenth century in a German town where one family made ... was found in an antique store. figure 16.4.

Publisher: University Press of Kentucky

About this book
Will the rare autographed baseball your great-uncle gave you put your children through college? Is your grandmother’s chest of drawers really a seventeenth-century antique, or merely a reproduction? A leader in forgery detection and forensic investigation, Joe Nickell reveals his secrets to detecting artifacts items in Real or Fake: Studies in Authentication. Detailing how the pros determine whether an Abraham Lincoln signature is forged or if a photograph of Emily Dickinson is genuine, Nickell provides the essential tools necessary to identify counterfeits. In this general introduction to the principles of authentication, Nickell provides readers with step-by-step explanations of the science used to detect falsified documents, photographs, and other objects. Illustrating methods used on hit shows such as Antiques Roadshow and History Detectives, Nickell recommends that aspiring investigators employ a comprehensive approach to identifying imitations. One should consider the object’s provenance (the origin or derivation of an artifact), content (clues in the scene or item depicted), and material composition (what artifacts are made of), as well as the results of scientific analyses, including radiographic, spectroscopic, microscopic, and microchemical tests. Including fascinating cases drawn from Nickell’s illustrious career, Real or Fake combines historical and scientific investigations to reveal reproductions and genuine objects. Nickell explains the warning signs of forgery, such as patching and unnatural pen lifts; chronicles the evolution of writing instruments, inks, and papers; shows readers how to date photographs, papers, and other materials; and traces the development of photographic processes since the mid-nineteenth century. Lavishly illustrated with examples of replicas and authentic objects inspected by Nickell, Real or Fake includes case studies of alleged artifacts including Jack the Ripper’s diary, a draft of the Gettysburg Address, notes by Charles Dickens, Jefferson Davis’s musket, and debris from the Titanic.

Notices of the Proceedings at the Meetings of the Members of the Royal Institution, with Abstracts of the Discourses

Creator: Royal Institution of Great Britain | Learned institutions and societies - 1882

"Although here is an antique Duiffoprugcar (1520), the great Italian creators of the violin date, not from Mantua or Bologna, but from Brescia. Gaspar di Salo, 1560- 1610, brought down the tubby German viol and struck a more elegant outline and proportion. ... pattern, a long-shaped instrument with pointed corners, paved tho way for his great pupil, Antonius Stradiuarius. ... In 1668 he sets up for himself, but copies Nicholas till 1686 ; from 1686-94 his form fluctuates, but inclines to the  ...

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