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Creator: Milwaukee Public Museum | Nature - 1965

So fine, indeed, were the products of Antonius Stradivarius, whose life span was 1644 to 1737, that copies were made shortly after his death and they, in their own right, are real antiques. With exasperating frequency such violins are ...

The Strad

Music - 1988

I told her: "You know, I never look at labels but this time I will. See , it say s Antonius Stradivarius Cremonensis Faciebat Anno 1 721 , but look a little harder. You will find that it also says "Made in Czechoslovakia".

The Strad

Creator: Pablo de Sarasate | Music - 1960

After a brief account of Antonio Stradivari's place as a violin maker, the matchless quality of his workmanship and the ... to print the name of Antonius Stradivarius, Cremonensis, than of the gimcrack German factory that turned it out.

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Stradivarius Violins Stradivarius violins are arguably some of the finest musical instruments ever made. Here at Stradivarius Violins Org, we are dedicated in brining ...

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Stradivarius Violins : Is your violin a genuine Strad? Note: The Smithsonian Institution, as a matter of legal and ethical policy, does not ...

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"Stradivari" redirects here. For the instruments bearing his name, see Stradivarius. For the 1988 film, see Stradivari (film).

Instruments and Bows - Wyatt Violin Shop Kansas City ... is the instrument page of the wyatt fiddle shop. Violin, old violin, violinmaker, new violin, restoration, handmade, hand made violin, best violin ...

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