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The Violinist

Music - 1920

A large collection of old violins, violas, 'cellos and bows. Wholesalers, retailers and importers, new instruments, strings, etc., etc. Glaesel, Paul R. m. 171 E. 86th St., New York City Glier, Robert, & Son m. 224 Poplar, Bellevue, Ky. Maker of ...


United States - 1914

The superb spruce used in the Glier Violins comes from the beams and rafters of buildings 150 to 200 years old around the ancestral Glier home in Bohemia. Robert Glier uses a soft oil warnish from the same recipe used by the old masters , ...

399 pages

The violin makers of the United States, biographical documentation of the violin and bow makers who have worked in the United States

Creator: Thomas James Wenberg | Music - 1986

biographical documentation of the violin and bow makers who have worked in the United States Thomas James Wenberg. Robert Glier (I) Violin Dr. Louis L. Grand Violin. 128 Robert Glier.

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