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399 pages

The violin makers of the United States, biographical documentation of the violin and bow makers who have worked in the United States

Creator: Thomas James Wenberg | Music - 1986

Robert Glier (I) Violin Dr. Louis L. Grand Violin ...

272 pages

Lyon & Healy's catalogue of their collection of rare old violins: MDCCCXCVI-VII, to which is added a historical sketch of the violin and its master makers, also a list of choice music for violin, arranged as solos, duets, trios, quartettes, etc. ...

Creator: Lyon & Healy | Music - 1896

$25.00 807 Adolph Wunderle, Leipsic, 1896 Beautifully made, choice wood, very fine, for artists - $30.00 808 Robert Glier, Cincinnati His best work, every one carefully tested $35.00 826 Louis Noebe, Bad-Homburg Foremost modern German ...

80 pages

FAQ, Fiddle Care and Setup

Creator: Michael H. Hoffheimer | 2008-08-22

Credits The diagram showing the parts of the violin is from the frontispiece to James Beament, The Violin Explained: ... The fiddle on the cover, made by Robert Glier in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1885, belonged to the author's grandfather.

About this book
An owner's manual for fiddlers, this guide covers basic instrument maintenance, upkeep and adjustment. It offers rules for preserving instruments and preventing costly damage. It discusses fiddle history and construction, explaining the differences between fiddles and violins. Step-by-step illustrations demonstrate how to change strings and replace fine tuners. It covers cleaning and minor home repairs, including adjusting and replacing bridges. It discusses when to change strings and rehair the bow, explaining what matters require the care of an expert repair person. It explains ways to customize tone and playability. Additional sections treat valuation and appraisals, tips for buying fiddles, and ways to find good dealers and repair people. A glossary defines technical terms. -basic rules for avoiding costly damage -how fiddles are built -essential accessories -recommended accessories -cleaning, changing strings, adjusting the bridge -replacing fine tuners -fixing sticking and slipping pegs -when to rehair the bow -customizing tone and volume -buzzes and rattles -finding good dealers and repair people -tips on buying -explanation of valuation

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