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110 pages

Lyon and Healy's catalogue of rare old violins, etc., etc

Creator: Lyon & Healy | Violin - 1798

FTER the exhaustive researches which resulted in bringing together this our 1893-94 collection of Rare Old Violins, we ... convinces us that at no distant day, good old violins whether of Italian, French or German origin will have become so  ...

78 pages

The Value of Old Violins, Being a List of the Principal Violin Makers, British, Italian, French and German, with Approximate Valuations of Their Instruments and Occasional Notes on Their Varnish. With Illus. of Some Celebrated Instruments and Facsims. of Labels

Creator: Eugène Polonaski | Violin labels - 1912

The Strad

Bowed stringed instruments - 1910

I have also a splendid lot of old Violins, including:— An old Red Italian, [10. An old Italian by Joseph Graziani, Geneva. A fine Italian over 30 years old, {6 run. A good old Italian, {4 ms, A fine old Violin by Wolff, 3 3s. A good old French Violin, ...

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Editor's picks

  • Stravari


    Musical Instruments (Stravari)

    Seasonal Rosin Changes.
    Bow Hair Cleaner
    Gentle on any Varnish - not just violins!
    Reduce bow wear.
    Sourced from the finest ingredients. All Natural.

  • D Z Strad

    Maestro Old spruce Stradi Violin Full Size D Z Strad #509 Powerful tone Antique Varnish 4/4

    Musical Instruments (D Z Strad)

    Model 509 instruments are handmade by prize winning luthiers and every instrument is meticulously graduated, rewarding the player with powerful and refined tone.
    Naturally seasoned spruce (picea excelsa) from Italian Alps
    Ideal for professional solo performances
    It produces a malleable, sophisticated sound with openness and ring with color and depth.
    100% Handmade, 100% hand oil-varnished

  • Snow

    Snow SV100 Violin 4/4, with D Z Strad Violin Bow and Case

    Musical Instruments (Snow)
    List Price: $680.00
    Price: $652.00
    You Save: $57.00 (9%)

    Hand rubbed with a light antique color
    All ebony fittings complete the outfit
    Case and Bow: This outfit also comes with the Dominique Music wood shaped case, and the Dominique Music violin bow. This beautiful bow is made from Brazil wood, has an octagon shape, with ebony frog, and is of the usual oustanding Snow quality. This whole outfit, again with FREE US SHIPPING, is an incredible value.
    An Italian spruce top and maple back for an incredibly warm and smooth tone

  • LIu workshop

    D Z Strad 50 YRS Old Spruce Strad "Soil" 1714 Copy 4/4

    Musical Instruments (LIu workshop)
    List Price: $800.00

    Great sound for professional players
    Come with rectangle Violin case, high quality brazilwood bow and Rosin
    100% Handmade by Master Liu, from China First Class violin work shop
    4/4 size, Ebony Fingerboard and Fittings, four corner blocks and full lined strips
    Hand Carved Solid Selected Spruce Top, and two piece Solid Maple Back, both Top grade, dried for more than 50 years. This model is based on strad soil model, follows the same dimensions and outline as the original instrument.

  • Dominique Music

    Old Spruce D Z Strad Violin Model 609 Full Size 4/4 Handmade with European Tonewoods with France BAM Case

    Musical Instruments (Dominique Music)

    Rating (2 reviews):
    Dominique Music

    The seller has fixed everything - very nice.

    5/5 Amazon Customer - See all my reviews Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: Old Spruce D Z Strad Violin Model 609 Full Size 4/4 Handmade with European Tonewoods with France BAM Case The grade of "3" is for the cases' hooks which holds one of the bows were broken. FOr something as small as this and the seller to send this for a $1600 product is a bit on the nickel and diming the customer.The seller actually has contacted me and we have settled the issue. We are in fact quite happy with the Violin and my daughter is using it daily.Thanks you - very professional dealer .... We are quite satisfied. Help other customers find the most helpful reviews  Was this review helpful to you? , January 6, 2014

    Excellent and beautiful violin! 

    5/5 Bethany Stanley - See all my reviews This review is from: Old Spruce D Z Strad Violin Model 609 Full Size 4/4 Handmade with European Tonewoods with France BAM Case Excellent.... this item met my expectation. What else I could say? AWESOME!!!!!! Help other customers find the most helpful reviews  Was this review helpful to you? , November 2, 2015
    Ideal for professional solo performances
    Highly Selected Maple Back, Ribs & Scroll, naturally air dried;
    100% Handmade, 100% hand oil-varnished; *Made of selected aged European tonewoods with a Spirit and oil varnish mix for a very elegant and attractive appearance, tonewoods from Italian Alps (over 20 years)
    4/4 full size with antique varnish
    Hard-carved pegs, tailpiece and chinrest
    This value-packed violin outfit includes violin, BAM FRANCE violin case, two bows, and rosin etc. The case and bows have $900 value in the market. One of the bow is our Master Antique Pernambuco 4/4 Violin Bow D.PECCATTE Copy D Z Strad #SV 600

  • String House

    String House PH200 Professional Violin Old Italy Red Varnish Fiddle 4/4 Outfit One-Piece Back

    Musical Instruments (String House)

    Ebony fingerboard, chinrest, tailpiece and turning pegs.
    All the instruments are set up by experienced luthier and fully tested by professional teachers.
    Old Italy red varnish violin.
    Includes: Standard violin case(SG580), two fine round Brazil wood bows(SH801 & SH802), olive rosin(SR020), adjustable shoulder rest, polishing cloth, clip on tuner.
    Selected Serbian spruce top, natural air dried for more than 15 years, Selected figured flamed maple back, ribs, neck and scroll, natural air dried for more than 15 years.

  • Stravari

    MINI Old Master Merlot Rosin - NEW ITEM

    Musical Instruments (Stravari)

    Nominated for NAMM 2016 Best In Show Award
    Organic Merlot Wine Infused.
    Beautiful Overtones
    Inspired by 16th century Italian Master Rosin Makers.
    Clear Articulation

  • Stravari

    Old Master Private Reserve II Rosin

    Musical Instruments (Stravari)

    Nominated for NAMM 2016 Best In Show Award
    Low Dust
    Smooth, beautiful articulation. Medium to Dark Rosin
    Handcrafted, Small Batch, Fine Bow Rosin
    Enhanced power and resonance.

  • Cremona

    Cremona SV-600 Premier Artist Violin Outfit Full Size, Highly Flamed Body, Varnish Finish, Dominant Strings

    Musical Instruments (Cremona)

    Strings Magazine reviews SV-600 as "improved feel and tone" See Video and Product Details PDF file below for the complete review
    Quality Swiss-style ebony fittings and select ebony fingerboard
    Low profile, lightweight and well designed Stradivarius-style chinrest, deluxe Brazilwood bow and oblong case
    Highly flamed maple with a rich, hand applied orange varnish finish, hand carved solid spruce and solid maple body
    To learn more about the fantastic features of this product, see Product Description below
    Set-up to MENC Standards at our Cremona workshop in California with Thomastik Dominant strings and French-made Aubert bridge
    The appropriate violin having best tone quality and looks for the advanced student