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301 pages

The Violin, Its Construction Theoretically and Practically Treated, Including an Epitome of the Lives of the Most Eminent Artists, a Dictionary of Violin Makers and Lists of Violin Sales

Creator: Peter Davidson | Violin - 1895

A few of this maker's Violins are of fair merit. SOQUER, Louis, Paris, 1752. A good French maker. BPEILER, — , Tyrol, 1765. SPIES, Carl. STAINER, or STEINER, Jacob, Absom, Tyrol, 1650-1683. A well-known maker. Label, " Jacobus Stainer ...

410 pages

The Violin, A Research and Information Guide

Creator: Mark Katz | Music - 2006

Jacob Stainer's Lebenslauf im lichte archivalischer Forschung. Leipzig: de Wit, 1898. 24pp. A brief biography of the violin maker. 331. Mertzanoff, C. E. “The Troubled Life of Jakob Stainer.” 5 parts. Violins and Violinists 5 (September 1943 ): ...

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

303 pages

The Cambridge Companion to the Violin

Creator: Robin Stowell | Music - 1992-12-10

1 An 'exploded' view of a violin page 2 2 Cutting the back of the violin: three different methods 3 3 The backs of three violins: (a) the 'Vieuxtemps' 3 Guarneri ( see also Fig. ... Stainer, Absam, 19 1679 15 Side view of Stainer violin (see also Fig.

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

About this book
The Cambridge Companion to the Violin offers students, performers and scholars a fascinating and composite survey of the history and repertory of the instrument from its origins to the present day. The volume comprises fifteen essays, written by a team of ten specialists, and is intended to develop the violin's historical perspective in breadth from every relevant angle. The main subjects discussed include the instrument's structure and development; its fundamental accoustical properties; principal exponents; technique and teaching methods; solo and ensemble repertory; pedagogical literature; traditions in folk music and jazz; and aspects of historical performing practice. The text is supported by numerous illustrations and diagrams as well as music examples, a useful appendix, glossary of technical terms and an extensive bibliography.

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Jacob Stainer - Wikipedia
Jacob Stainer (c. 1619 – 1683) was the earliest and best known Austrian luthier. Stainer was born and died in Absam, in present-day Austria. His designs influenced ...

146 A VIOLIN BY JACOBUS STAINER 1679 Roger Hargrave e1am2nes the construct2on and workmansh2p of th2s v2ol2n, wh2ch st2ll reta2ns 2ts or2g2nal und2sturbed baroque neck.

Frank Bridge – Stainer & Bell
Frank Bridge (1879–1941) Bridge’s music – beautifully crafted and full of haunting imagination – was much played in the earlier part of his career, during ...

Klotz (violin makers) - Wikipedia
Klotz is a family of violin makers. Members of the Klotz (or Kloz) family have made violins in Mittenwald, Germany from the mid-17th century to the present.

William Bartruff, Violin Maker - The History of the Violin
Outlines the history of the violin including its origins, early violin makers and key events in the history of the violin.


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