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Music - 1955

The Stainer violin, subject of this article, came from the famous house of William E. Hill & Son; it was sold by Henry Werro of Berne, Switzerland, and is now again in the Werro collection. The history of the violin, as recorded by Hill ...

105 pages

The Hawley collection of violins, with a history of their makers and a brief review of the evolution and decline of the art of violin-making in Italy, 1540-1800

Creator: Lyon & Healy | Music - 1904

Chapter IX Jacob Stainer, 1621-1683 The Hawley Stainer MONG German violin-makers , there is one great name to conjure with, that of Jacob Stainer. As in the case of Francois Tourte, the bow-maker of Paris, Stainer was so far in advance ...

247 pages

Violins & violinists

Creator: Franz Farga | Music - 1969

majority of them and their treasures were dissipated, the dealers were especially keen on the Stainer violins, and most of them were sold to English buyers and disappeared into private collections. There are some genuine Stainers in the ...

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JACOB STAINER A VIOLIN, ABSAM, CIRCA 1655. Buy and collect contemporary or modern art, old masters, jewelry, wine, watches, interiors, prints, and music at Christie's ...

How to Identify a Stainer Violin | eHow
Jacob Stainer was one of the most famous early violin-makers, and the first well-known one from what is today Austria. His violin designs became highly influential ...

Instrument Makers of the Stainer Family - Smithsonian
Home › Encyclopedia Smithsonian › History and Culture: Instrument Makers of the Stainer Family: Jacob (Absam, Austria, c. 1617-83) is the earliest ...

Tenor Viola by Jacob Stainer at the National Music Museum
Tenor viola by Jacob Stainer, Absam bei Innsbruck, ca. 1650, in the collections of the National Music Museum.

vintage violin, antique violin, Jacobus Stainer copy, very ...
Vintage violin, antique violin, Jacobus Stainer copy, very nice for sale. Nice wood and tone, just had new string added and two minor seams re-glued at ...


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