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35 pages

The Violin and the Art of Its Construction, A Treatise on the Stradivarius Violin

Creator: August Riechers | Violin - 1895

661 pages

Cambridge Preparation for the TOEFL® Test Book with CD-ROM

Creator: Jolene Gear, Robert Gear | Foreign Language Study - 2006-09-11

A Stradivarius violin is unmatched in tonal quality and responds more quickly and easily to the touch than any other violin. Unfortunately, the secrets for making such a superb instrument were lost in 1737 with the death of Antonio Stradivari, ...

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

About this book
Cambridge Preparation for the TOEFL® Test, Fourth Edition, helps students master the language skills they need to succeed on the TOEFL® iBT and communicate effectively in an academic setting. Using an integrated skills approach that mirrors the structure of the TOEFL® iBT, this fully revised text is ideal for classroom use and self-study. The book contains hundreds of skill-building exercises covering all of the question types in the exam and four practice tests. A supporting skills section is provided to improve grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and study skills. The CD-ROM includes the tests from the book plus three additional practice tests in an electronic format that simulates the online TOEFL® iBT. The audio program, available on Audio CDs or Audio Cassettes, contains conversations, lectures, and all listening material for all listening exercises and test questions.

The Loder Stradivarius Violin, Musical Instruments, Miniatures and Objects of Vertu

Creator: Christie, Manson & Woods | 1969

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Stradivarius - The Violin | ...
Stradivarius Violins. Handcrafted centuries ago by Italian luthier Antonio Stradivari, Stradivarius violins are regarded as the finest ever made.

Stradivarius - Wikipedia
A Stradivarius is one of the violins, violas, cellos and other string instruments built by members of the Italian family Stradivari (Stradivarius), particularly ...

STRADIVARIUS Violin, Antonius & Omobono, Cremona, 1737. PLEASE NOTE: This is a very valuable violin that is not kept at our shop. For a limited number of well ...

Stradivarius Violin Price -
Stradivarius Violins • Antonio Stradivari. Stradivarius Violin Price. How does one set a price on a genuine Stradivarius instrument? With only 650 in existence ...

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    Musical Instruments

    It produces a malleable, sophisticated sound with openness and ring with color and depth.
    Philips Hill has called the Hellier "one of the finest Stradivaris in existence". It is presently held at the Smithsonian Museum A fine example of hand-crafted violin.
    All models of D Z Strad Violins are professionally setup and ready to play.
    Its sound is full, even, and ideal for advancing player. The outfit includes
    This value-packed violin outfit includes violin, violin case, two bows, and rosin etc. The case and bows have $500 value in the market.

  • Generic Brand

    Full Size 4/4 Handmade Stradivari Copy German Style Violin Fiddle Case Bow Set

    Musical Instruments (Generic Brand)

    Fingerboard Length: 10-3/4in.
    Vif 4/4 advanced level Violin with perfect sound production, which is copy of Antonio Stradivari Cremonensis Faciebat Anno 1721
    Overall Length: 23-1/2in.
    Brand: Vif
    Bow: brazil wood with horsetail hair

  • handmade

    Pro Stradivarius, Full Size- 4/4-violin/fiddle Flamed Ebony String, Case BOX

    Automotive Parts and Accessories (handmade)

    Size 4/4 (full size) violin with solid spruce wood top, flamed maple back, neck and sides with inlaid purfling in satin antique finish. Sounds Great!
    Electric violin/bow/case/ rosin
    Brazil wood bow
    Pure handmade and solid wood violin
    Usually the shipping time is 10-20 days to arrive,please ignore the Amazon shipping time

  • LIu workshop

    50 YRS Old Spruce Strad "Soil" 1714 Copy 4/4

    Musical Instruments (LIu workshop)
    List Price: $800.00

    Great sound for professional players
    4/4 size, Ebony Fingerboard and Fittings, four corner blocks and full lined strips
    Hand Carved Solid Selected Spruce Top, and two piece Solid Maple Back, both Top grade, dried for more than 50 years. This model is based on strad soil model, follows the same dimensions and outline as the original instrument.
    Come with rectangle Violin case, high quality brazilwood bow and Rosin
    100% Handmade by Master Liu, from China First Class violin work shop

  • Harmony Jewelry

    Stradivarius Violin Necklace

    Musical Instruments (Harmony Jewelry)
    List Price: $9.99

    Pewter Cast
    Exact replica, accurate down to the smallest detail
    The perfect gift for the music lover in your life!
    Plated in 24 Karat Gold

  • Sky AAA+ Maple and Spruce Euro-performer Series Guarantee Grand Mastero Sound Copy of Stradivarius 4/4 Size Professional Hand-made One-piece Back 4/4 Full Size Acoustic Violin 100% Hand-made 100% Oil Varnished Ebony Parts

    Musical Instruments
    List Price: $3,999.99
    Price: $1,099.99
    You Save: $2,900.00 (73%)

    AAA+ Top Maple and Spruce
    Including High Quality Half-moon or Oblong Case and One High Quality Carbon Fiber Bow
    4/4 Full Size
    Guarantee Mastero Sound

  • Dominique Music

    D Z Strad Violin N615 Full Size 4/4 with Italian Alps Spruce w/ $900 Free Gift

    Musical Instruments (Dominique Music)

    This value-packed violin outfit includes violin, France Bam violin case, two bows, and rosin etc.
    Highly selected Italian Alps Spruce top, natually air dired ( over 30 years)
    Selected Maple Back, Ribs & Scroll, naturally air dried (over 20 years)
    Gold plated fine tuners
    100% Handmade, 100% hand oil-varnished

  • Sky Guarantee Mastero Sound Copy of Stradivarius 4/4 Size Professional Hand-made 4/4 Full Size Acoustic Two Piece Back Violin Antique Style Ebony Parts TOP QUALITY

    Musical Instruments
    List Price: $1,699.99
    Price: $499.99
    You Save: $1,200.00 (71%)

    Natrual Solid Maple Back Highly Flamed 25 Years Dried, Solid Spruce Top
    4/4 Full Size
    Including 1 Solid High Quality Half-lined Brazilian Wood Bow
    Guarantee Mastero Quality Sound
    Including High Quality Half-Moon Case (MSRP at $120+)

  • Cecilio Musical Instruments

    Mendini 4/4 MV500+92D Flamed 1-Piece Back Solid Wood Violin with Case, Tuner, Shoulder Rest, Bow, Rosin, Bridge and Strings - Full Size

    Musical Instruments (Cecilio Musical Instruments)
    List Price: $374.99
    Price: $149.99
    You Save: $225.00 (60%)

    1 Year Warranty Against Manufacturer's Defects
    4/4 (Full Size) violin with solid hand-carved 1-piece maple back, neck and side, solid hand-carved spruce top with beautiful varnish finish & inlaid purfling
    Cecilio 92D chromatic / string tuner with metronome, 2 x Brazil wood bows with unbleached genuine Mongolian horsehair
    Includes: Lightweight hard case, adjustable shoulder rest, 2 bridges, quality rosin cake, and an extra set of violin strings.
    Ebony fingerboard, pegs chin rest, and tailpiece with 4 detachable fine tuners

  • Cremona

    Cremona SV-800 Premier Artist Violin Outfit - 4/4 Size

    Musical Instruments (Cremona)
    List Price: $950.00

    Strings Magazine reviews SV-800 as "the walkaway champ!" See Video and Product Details PDF file below for the complete review
    Set-up to MENC Standards at our Cremona workshop in California with Thomastik Dominant strings and French-made Aubert bridge
    To learn more about the fantastic features of this product, see Product Description below
    Low profile, lightweight and well designed Stradivarius-style chinrest, deluxe Pernambuco bow and oblong case
    Quality Hill-style boxwood fittings and select ebony fingerboard
    Highly flamed maple in attractive golden brown imitation-old hand applied varnish, hand carved solid spruce and solid maple body
    Rich tonal characteristics suitable for the finest artist, SV-800 is Cremona's best sounding violin


Gift Ideas

The Hellier violin made by Antonio Stradivarius (c Postcard

fine art, hipkins, alfred, james, 1826-1903,
Image:82761 The Hellier violin made by Antonio Stradivarius (c.1644-1737) in 1679, from 'Musical Instruments' (coloured litho). Hipkins, Alfred James (1826-1903). Private Collection, The Stapleton Collection. Art, Fine Art.
Price: $$1.00

Stradivari Duo Case For Business Cards

violin, violinist, violinmaker, luthier, violin
Two partial, close-up views of a priceless old violin from the hand of master luthier Antonio Stradivari are displayed top and bottom of this business card holder making it perfect for a violinist or other string player. Many matching items can be found at MissPrinteditions on Zazzle.
Price: $$21.75

American Mountain Music Adult Apron

guitar, string, instrument, music, hobby, banjo,
These instruments are perfect for the music fan in your home! Stitch this cool design on shirts, bags, and more for your music lovers.
Price: $$19.95

Violins (LtoR): the 'Alard' by Antonio Stradivariu Postcard

fine art, hipkins, alfred, james, 1826-1903,
Image:83416 Violins (LtoR): the 'Alard' by Antonio Stradivarius (c.1644-1737) 1715, and the 'King Joseph' by Giovanni Guarneri 'del Gesu' (d.1744) from 'Musical Instruments' (coloured litho). Hipkins, Alfred James (1826-1903). Private Collection, The Stapleton Collection. Art, Fine Art.
Price: $$1.00