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Electronic musician

Biography & Autobiography - 2001

Zeta Music Systems. MIDI violin controllers have been around nearly as long as their guitar counterparts, largely due to the efforts of Zeta Music Systems. The Synthony II ($2495) MIDI converter is a collaborative effort between Blue ...

410 pages

The Violin, A Research And Information Guide

Creator: Mark Katz | Music - 2006-02-09

200. Yoo, Lilit and Ichiro Fujinaga. “Zeta Violin Techniques: Limitations and Applications.” Journal SEAMUS 13, no. 2 (1998): 12–15. Explains the capabilities and drawbacks of the ZETA electric violin. 201. Trueman, Daniel Laurence.

Publisher: CRC Press

About this book
The violin was first mentioned in a book in the sixteenth century. An abundant and diverse literature on the instrument has grown since then, and a complete general guide to these materials has not been produced in the modern era. The last, Edward Heron-Allen'sDeFidiculis Bibliographia, was published in1894. This book fills that void, organizing and annotating information on the violin from a variety of fields and sources. It provides a comprehensive, though selective, guide to all facets of the instrument. The book is divided into 4 main parts: Reference and General Studies; Acoustics and Construction; Violin Playing, Performance Practice, and Music; and Violinists, Composers, and Violin Teachers. It will serve as a ready reference for students and scholars, and is a welcome addition to the esteemed Routledge Music Bibliography series.

The Strad

Music - 1895

Svendsen's Romance, however, was very prettily if a trifle monotonously played by Miss Zeta Mason, whose name appears among the winners of silver medals. By the way a Miss Walenn obtained one of the three certificates for violin playing ...

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Fourness Violins currently offers repair services for electric stringed instruments. As the former head luthier for ZETA Music Systems, owner Evan Fourness has ...

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Fourness Violins currently offers repair services for electric stringed instruments.

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An electric violin is a violin equipped with an electronic output of its sound. The term most properly refers to an instrument purposely made to be electrified with ...

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